Air pollution is killing more people than smoking

Air pollution is killing more people than smoking

March 3rd, 2020–

The results reveal that, globally, 2.9 years of life expectancy on average are lost because of outdoor air pollution – a bigger toll than tobacco smoking (2.2 years lost), violence (0.3 years lost), HIV/Aids (0.7 years lost) and diseases spread by parasites and other vectors (0.6 years lost).Outdoor air pollutants causes about 8.8 million early deaths a year worldwide. However, a global study published in the Cardivascular Research Journal has revealed that life expectancy can improve:

  • If all controllable air pollution is cut, global life expectancy could rise by more than 20 months.
  • If fossil fuel emissions are cut to zero, more than a year of life expectancy could be clawed back.

Should avoidable outdoor air pollution be cut, the team adds, more than 5.5m early deaths globally could be avoided every year.



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