California approves updated “At-Berth” regulation, expanding efforts to cut pollution from ships in California ports

California Approves Updated “At-Berth” Regulation, Expanding Efforts to Cut Pollution from Ships in California Ports

August 27,2020 —

The California Air Resources Board today approved a new regulation designed to further reduce pollution from ocean-going vessels while docked at California’s busiest ports. The rule builds on progress achieved by the groundbreaking At-Berth Regulation adopted in 2007. That rule has achieved an 80 percent reduction in harmful emissions from more than 13,000 vessel visits since 2014. The updated rule adds new vessel categories which will be required to control pollution when they run auxiliary engines or auxiliary boilers (for most tanker vessels) while docked. These auxiliary engines power the electricity and other onboard operations during a vessel’s visit, which can run from less than one day to several days.


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