Congestion Easing at Southern California Ports

Congestion Easing at Southern California Ports

March 15, 2021 —

The ports of Southern California are making headway in reducing the congestion in container shipping. Despite the continued rush of imports from Asia to the U.S. West Coast ports, a better equilibrium in port operations is having a positive effect on the carriers and other ports.Data from the Marine Exchange of Southern California, which oversees vessel traffic for the San Pedro port complex, shows steady progress reducing the number of vessels both in the ports and the anchorage. Currently, they are reporting that there are 90 ships in port, which is down from the 110 level experienced at the end of January 2021. The number of ships in port declined by eight on Saturday, March 13. On March 15, it was down to 89 ships in port, the lowest since December 25, 2020.


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