Container ship waits at LA–LB exceed 2014–2015 labor crisis levels

Container Ship Waits at LA–LB Exceed 2014–2015 Labor Crisis Levels

January 13, 2021 –

The number of container ships waiting to berth in Southern California has exceeded the number of ships at berth every day but two since Christmas, with the ships waiting to call marine terminals exceeding levels seen during the 2014-15 labor crisis. In the 18 days since Dec. 25, only on Jan. 11 were there more ships at berth than at anchor, with 35 ships at marine terminals and 34 ships waiting to unload. The number of ships at and awaiting berth was the same at 27 on Dec. 27. As of Tuesday, there were 31 ships at anchor and 29 at berth, according to the Marine Exchange of Southern California, the agency that manages ship traffic.


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