RNG as Transportation Fuel On-Road Volume Grows to 39%

RNG as Transportation Fuel On-Road Volume Grows to 39 %

May 7,2020– ActNews.com

Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) is on the rise as a transportation fuel. Natural gas vehicle (NGV) technology long ago established its clean air credentials. In the 1990’s NGVs were first to be certified to California’s ultra-low and super ultra-low emission standards. Natural gas technology has since broken the ultra-low NOx barrier with engines certified to levels that are 90% cleaner than the most stringent U.S. EPA standards for oxides of nitrogen. These new, cleaner engines are helping to clear the air of smog and harmful pollutants. More recently, the increased fueling with biomethane, or RNG, takes vehicle technology environmental benefits to an even higher level of performance, helping to tackle climate change.



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