Trans-Pacific eastbound slot tensions mount as rolled cargoes rise

Trans-Pacific Eastbound Slot Tensions Mount as Rolled Cargoes Rise

June 16,2020-

Tensions between container lines and some US importers and forwarders are building as tight capacity management and a surge in Asia-US spot rates are drawing accusations that carriers are artificially propping up rates with two dozen blank sailings scheduled from early June to early August.With cargo forecasting likely to remain uncertain into the peak season, and reports of rolled cargo mounting, some container lines concede they may overreach when it comes to canceling sailings, but say they are prepared to reintroduce capacity quickly should imports suddenly pick up. Non-vessel operating common carriers (NVOs) and carriers agree that last week’s spike in eastbound trans-Pacific spot rates was caused by aggressive capacity management, but where shipper sources see an orchestrated effort to push rates higher, carriers deny any attempt to manipulate pricing through blank sailings.


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