Long Beach Container Terminal Pilot Program Moves Toward 24/7 Access

Long Beach Container Terminal Pilot Program Moves Toward 24/7 Access

September 22, 2021 — MaritimeExecutive.com

One of the large container terminals at the Port of Long Beach has become the first to announce a new pilot project to expand overnight access for truckers to move containers as the ports explore moving to 24/7 operations. The pilot project follows the recent announcement by the ports working with the U.S. Department of Transportation to take steps to improve freight movement and reduce delays at the San Pedro Bay port complex. Total Terminals International container terminal on Pier T in the Port of Long Beach is making it easier for trucks to access the facility during the overnight hours with a goal of reducing the amount of time cargo spends on the dock. The terminal is taking two significant steps to increase cargo pickup in the late-night, early morning hours when there is less traffic on the region’s freeways and surface streets.


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