Oakland Port Truck Management Plan Nears Final Approval

Oakland Port Truck Management Plan Nears Final Approval

April 26, 2019 —Transport Topics

The Port of Oakland’s West Oakland Truck Management Plan has moved one step closer to final approval. The port’s governing board on April 25 endorsed the initiative, which aims to reduce freight haulers’ impact on residential areas. The plan contains strategies that are meant to limit disruption from truck traffic and truck parking, increase safety along freight corridors and educate drivers on preferred routes and parking restrictions. The plan targets West Oakland, the neighborhood ensconced by the port. Trucks funnel through West Oakland to retrieve or drop off cargo. Richard Sinkoff, director of environmental programs and planning, has estimated that 2,000 to 3,000 heavy trucks call on the port every day. The plan proposes updating designated truck routes and improving signage, increasing truck parking enforcement through potential fine increases and instituting precautions such as high-visibility crosswalks and pedestrian safety zones.


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