Port of Virginia to end floating receiving dates for export containers

Port of Virginia to End Floating Receiving Dates for Export Containers

March 1,2021–JOC.com

The Port of Virginia on Monday implemented firm exporter receiving dates (ERDs) for containers for all outbound vessels, giving some schedule certainty and cost savings for exporters while addressing what has been one of their top concerns since late last summer. Although record-low vessel reliability has been a problem for all beneficial cargo owners (BCOs), exporters have been in particular limbo, not knowing when products will be placed on a vessel or get to overseas customers.  Global container vessel reliability fell to 34.9 percent in January, the lowest ever recorded. Reliability in the eastbound trans-Pacific trades in January plummeted to 21.5 percent to the US East Coast, the lowest ever on that lane, according to Sea-Intelligence Maritime Analysis.


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