US container-on-barge services get funding boost

US container-on-barge services get funding boost

April 23, 2019 —

Three container-on-barge and catamaran projects will receive a $6.79 million boost from the federal government as operators find openings where they can fend off pressure from railroads that have often undercut such efforts through lower pricing. The US Department of Transportation’s (USDOT’s) Maritime Administration (Marad) has awarded $3.15 million to a project supporting the transport of resins between Memphis and the ports of New Orleans and Baton Rouge; $1.8 million to James River Barge Lines for the construction of an additional barge to expand its existing service between deepwater container terminals in Hampton Roads, Virginia, and the Port of Richmond; and $1.8 million to a project that aims to ship farm products from Long Island to Connecticut via a 65-foot catamaran.


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